How Big Is The Gospel?

Pastor Allen Cook- How big is your Gospel? Its bigger than the world, bigger than any enemy we face. But you would not know it, because we limit our Gospel to our comfort level. This amazing message needs to be spread to those we would not normally associate. The Gospel is big enough for everyone.

Cornerstone Action and Cornerstone Policy Research are non-partisan, non-profit organizations dedicated to a New Hampshire where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.

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LRMF History – 1990’s

Left to Right

  • Front Row: Jim Farmer, (Who #1?), Jonathan Wells, Joe Duguay, Don Butman
  • Middle Row: Bob Lockhart, Dave Gleason, Bob Ness, Dave Morgan, Herb Wells, (Who #2?) , (Who #3?), Bob Almquist, Bernie Stiff
  • Back Row: Pete DeJager Sr., Lee Cone, Steve Bravo, Pete Balentine, Dave DeJager, Luke Dolezal, Chuck Armour, (Who #5?)

Thanks to Peter DeJager Sr. for this photo.

If you know the missing names, please let Roger know.

The trouble with stretching the truth is that it’s apt to snap back

A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that speaks lies shall not escape – Proverbs 19:5

In preparation for a dinner party, a women stopped by a small butcher shop to buy meat for the meal. She had decided to stuff and roast a chicken as the main course. When she asked the man at the meat counter for the largest chicken he had, he reached into the cold storage compartment, grabbed the last chicken he had, and placed it on the scale.
“This one weighs four pounds, ma’am,” he said.

The woman thought for a moment and then said, “I’m not sure that will be enough. Don’t you have a bigger one?”

The attendant put the chicken back into the compartment, pretended to search through the melting ice for another bird, and then brought out the same chicken. This time when he weighed it on the scale, he discreetly applied some finger pressure on the scale. “Ah,” he said with a smile, “this one weights six pounds.”

The woman frowned, and making some mental calculations, brightened as she said, “I’m just not sure. I’ll tell you what – wrap them both up for me!”

Truth is a bond, not a rubber band.